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About Us

We are an LLC based in Michigan with an incredible love for animals.  We cannot imagine a world without our furry, scaly, and feathery friends.  Through this love we have set a goal: bring attention to endangered animals as well as create and support products that remind us of the animals we fell in love with.
We raise funds for endangered animal conservation as well as support animal cruelty prevention efforts through our sales. 10% of our total profits go directly to these causes (this will be increased over time!).  We believe that every single animal deserves a fighting chance and we know you believe this too!

  We don't support the caging of animals for slaughter.
The picture below was taken in 2017 before we developed our goals and ideas.

Money is the single most powerful man-made and tangible creation to date, so lets start using it to save the animals and people we love! - Josh, CEO of Endangered Beauties